When searching for a new fence, you’ll likely find that you’re drawn to many different fence types; you may love aluminum for its durability, wood for its natural charm, and vinyl for its minimal maintenance requirements. Thankfully, at Jackson Fence Company, we offer a custom fencing solution that solves this issue and allows you to combine unique infill options with an aluminum framework – the Designer Fencing system from Digger Specialities! Let us walk you through all of the advantages of this unique fencing system. 

What are the Benefits of the Designer Fencing System from Digger Specialties?

The Digger Designer vinyl fence system combines a variety of vinyl infill styles with a durable aluminum frame to create the customizable fence of your dreams. Here are some of our favorite benefits of this unique fencing system. 

#1 Customizable Infill Options

One of the main draws for property owners looking to install the Digger Designer Fencing is that the aluminum framework can be combined with a wide variety of vinyl boards to create a custom fence. The vinyl boards come in a variety of colors and textures to match your home or business. We also offer cedarwood infill options for a more traditional look. 


After selecting your infill material, you can select the color of the aluminum rails and posts to create your dream custom fence! The numerous combinations of post colors and infill materials allow you to create a custom and unique fence that matches the style and look of your property. To see some of our favorite combinations, check out our custom fence page

#2 Low-Maintenance

Experience the hassle-free benefits of the Digger Designer Fencing system, one of the most low-maintenance fence choices at our Tennessee fence company. The aluminum framework is powder-coated to preserve its appearance and prevent rusting or breakdown. We also offer maintenance-free infill options for a fence that practically takes care of itself! 


If you’re looking for the ultimate low-maintenance fence, opt for a vinyl infill material, which requires minimal upkeep. With easy-to-care-for infill options, your new fence will maintain its pristine appearance with an occasional wash. 

#3 Durable Aluminum Posts and Rails

Digger’s Designer Fencing system has a lightweight, durable aluminum framework consisting to support your fence. The posts and rails are made of high-quality aluminum materials covered in a customizable powder coating, which prevents warping, rotting, rusting, twisting, or decaying. 


As a top fencing contractor in Tennessee, we love the aluminum framework thanks to its proprietary Snap Button technology. The Snap Button firmly locks the rails into place, preventing your fence from falling over and becoming damaged, even in difficult weather conditions. Additionally, locking the rails into place ensures that your infill material is well secured. 

#4 Abundant Customization Options

One of the main draws to the Designer Fencing system is the large number of customization options available. At our West Tennessee fence company, we offer multiple colors of vinyl infill options and aluminum frameworks. Some of these vinyl infill options are available in both narrow and wide vertical boards, which each create a unique look. We also offer our durable, naturally pest-resistent cedar wood planks as an infill material option.


The Designer Fencing system is rackable, meaning this type of fence can be installed on gentle hills while following the ground. On top of all of these customization options, this type of fence can also be customized with lighted and standard post caps when you work with the top fencing contractor in Tennessee. 

#5 Warranty

As a premier fencing contractor in Tennessee, we stand behind the quality of our work and only use high-quality materials. Digger Specialities backs its Designer Fencing system with a lifetime limited manufacturer warranty. At our West Tennessee fence company, we offer a lifetime limited workmanship warranty for your peace of mind! Your new fence will be well protected when you work with Jackson Fence Company. 

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