Before building a new fence, there are many things you should think about. And one of those might not be something you expected: how your new fence can affect your neighbors! By following the rules of “fence etiquette,” you can maintain good relationships with your neighbors. After all, good fences make good neighbors, right?


Find out how Jackson Fence, the top-rated Medina, Tennessee fence company, can help you with every stage of your new fence project while keeping your neighbors happy! To help you maintain appropriate fence etiquette, keep reading for some recommendations.

The Importance of Open Communication in Fence Projects

If you live in a community, you should consider the impact that changes you make to your property may have on your neighbors. It is polite to discuss your plans with others who will be affected, even if you are not required to notify them. Sharing your plans and discussing any potential concerns or preferences they might have will help maintain a positive relationship throughout the process. It’s possible that your neighbor may be open to sharing the project’s costs!

Ensuring Proper Fence Placement

Checking that your new fence is installed inside your property lines is an important aspect of proper fence etiquette. You owe it to yourself and your neighbors to confirm, even if you are confident about the borders of your property. You should contact the county recorder’s or assessor’s office in your area if you are unsure about the borders of your property. You may find the property lines by using the online maps that most counties now provide. An additional step to think about is hiring a qualified land surveyor to mark the boundaries of your property before installation.

Understanding Local Standards and HOA Regulations for Your Fence

Understanding the local standards and zoning regulations is essential for maintaining appropriate fence etiquette. It’s possible that fence regulations exist within your homeowners association (HOA), so be sure to review the fine print. There’s a chance that the homeowner’s organization has restrictions on the type, height, and color of fence you can build on your land. 


Local zoning regulations may still apply to the installation of your new fence, even if you don’t live in a community overseen by a homeowners organization. This is particularly true if your house is on a corner lot, as a tall fence in the front yard may obstruct your view of approaching cars. Although your fence contractor could be familiar with the laws in your area, it is not their responsibility to ensure your new West Tennessee residential fence meets every HOA regulation or municipal policy.

Maintaining Your Residential Fence

Fencing upkeep is another important part of proper fencing practices. A West Tennessee residential fence needs to be maintained regularly to remain secure and in good shape, just like any other part of your home. Different materials require different amounts of maintenance. Wood is one of the materials that need more frequent maintenance, including resealing. Metal or vinyl fences, on the other hand, require far less. 


Keep in mind that since you are the fence’s owner, it is your responsibility to maintain and clean both sides. If your fence ages or starts shifting, you are responsible for getting it fixed or replaced. You may get maintenance advice from an experienced Medina, Tennessee fence company like Jackson Fence. 

Choosing the Right Fence Design

The location of your fence is the final fence etiquette tip we’ll cover. Some wood fence styles look more appealing on one side. Ensuring the “good” side faces the street and your neighbor’s yard is common practice. 


You may also want to consider the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood when selecting a fence design. Opt for a style and color that complements the existing homes in your area, like an aluminum or vinyl fence that is identical on both sides. A fence that seamlessly blends in with the surroundings will be more pleasing to your neighbors and maintain the visual harmony of the neighborhood. The experts at Jackson Fence can show you our wide selection of fencing solutions that look fantastic from both sides. 

West Tennessee Residential Fence Options 

When deciding which residential fence styles will best suit your needs and your family’s, Jackson Fence offers a variety of options for you to consider. wood, chain link, ornamental steel, vinyl, and aluminum fencing are some options. With the help of our handy online Instant Fence Tool, you can also quickly get an estimate of the cost of your fence!


Jackson Fence offers a variety of gates that complement your beautiful West Tennessee residential fence, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and security of your home. For a seamless appearance, our custom gates may be effortlessly paired with our residential fences. Explore our photo gallery showing the stunning fences we’ve installed! 

Are You Ready to Begin Building Your Fence with a Reliable Medina, Tennessee Fence Company?

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