Meet The Team!

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We believe a fence company can be fresh and innovative.  

We believe our reputation is far more valuable than any profit that we stand to make.  We're humans, and we're not always going to be right.  If it costs us everything, we will make it right 

We believe for business to be good, you have to hire and retain good people.  We know that people with good character are typically hard workers, teachable, and respectable.  Therefore, we don't hire fence builders - we hire good people and make them good fence people.

We believe the finished product has to be the best, so we focus on innovation and craftsmanship.  Our in-house mindset is this - "if there is a better way to do it, find it."

We believe doing business should be easy, so we simplify the process by leveraging systems and technologies.   We pride ourselves on being responsive and easy to interact with.