• Cannon Johnson

Fall Fence Forum 2021

We spent the weekend at the Fall Fence Forum 2021 in Worthington, Indiana. The event has a strong emphasis on agricultural fence best practices and a strong relationship with the American Fence Association.

During the event, 8 teams from across the country compete in a fencing shootout. The shootout is a 3-phase competition where fencers are graded on efficiency and quality. The event is open to competitors and spectators alike. This year, the competition was used to fund the new Fallen Fencers Fund.

This annual event is hosted by Farm Fence Solutions of Worthington, Indiana. Farm Fence Solutions operates in the fencing supply industry with brands such as Protech Machinery, Tornado Wire, and Strainright. Find out more by visiting their site at www.farmfencesolutions.com.

Jackson Fence Company serves the Jackson, Tennessee and West Tennessee area for residential and commercial fencing.

Jackson Fence Company

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