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How deep should a fence post be in Jackson, Tennessee?

The depth a fence post in West Tennessee should not be an abitrary guess. There is an actual formula to follow. At Jackson Fence Company, we follow the ASTM method of fence building. ASTM is the abbreviation for American Society for Testing & Materials.

The actual minimum standard will change as the height of fence gets taller. The minimum depth for any fence post is 24". At a height of 4' of fence above ground, your fence posts should be set at least 24" in the ground. For each additional 12" out of the ground, you should also go 3" more into the ground.

4' Fence = 24" Fence Post Footer

5' Fence = 27" Fence Post Footer

6' Fence = 30" Fence Post Footer

7' Fence = 33" Fence Post Footer

8' Fence = 36" Fence Post Footer

We could go on, but you get the idea. In other areas of the country, the frost line could be greater than these minimums. In those cases, you must exceed the frost line. For us, the frost line is 12", so any fence properly built in Tennessee should be set well beyond the frost line.

Hopefully this will help you if you decided to build fence or buy a fence. You'd be surprised how many do not know there is a minimum. You'd be more surprised to know how many never hit the minimum post depth for their fence.

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