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American Fence Association Fence School - Waverly, Nebraska

06/24/2021 - Cannon Johnson

Flat fields and corn stalks - that was the landscape of our trip to the American Fence Association's Fence School recently held in Waverly, Nebraska.

What is fence school? Fence school is an opportunity provided by the American Fence Association for fence contractors to learn proper techniques. The American Fence Association teach ASTM specifications for fence installation.

During our short time at fence school, Kristen and I attended three classes - Gate Fabricating and Welding, Gate Automation Systems Design, and Chain Link Installation.

We learned how to properly cut, cope, and weld the perfect gate. We learned about safe gate operations and UL-compliance. We also learned a few new techniques in the world of building commercial chain link fence.

Jackson Fence Company is a member of the American Fence Association in good standing. We joined the association in 2020, got plugged in, and immediately started building relationships across the country. The AFA holds its fence contractor members accountable to maintaining a good reputation, running an ethical and legal business, and following ASTM guidelines for installing fence. When you choose Jackson Fence Company (Medina, Tennessee) to build your fence, you are choosing a company that prides itself on improvement, ethics, and quality workmanship. As we continue to build fences and our business, we also focus heavily on building the fence industry and raising the standard across the country.

American Fence Association - http://www.americanfenceassociation.com/

38355 Jackson Fence Company - Medina Tn AFA Fence Installation School
AFA Training Kristen and Cannon from Jackson Fence Company

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