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Why Price Per Foot Doesn't Work for Fencing

One of the most common questions we get at Jackson Fence Company is, "how much per foot is fencing?"

I wish it were that easy. If pricing fence by the foot was effective, we would certainly be doing it. In this article, I plan to explain why we can't price our fencing by the foot.

For starters, fencing isn't sold to us by the foot. We also won't install it by the foot. If you really break it down, we're installing fence in sections - not linear feet.

Let's use wood fence for an example. The maxium spacing between posts in a wood fence is 8'. Knowing this, we can build a 6' long fence or an 8' long fence with practically the same effort and cost. We still need 2 posts. We still need 3 rails. Instead of 16 pickets, we need 12. The time to build 6' of fence and the time to build 8' of fence is pretty well identical. The only thing that changed was the 4 boards.

Now let's enlarge that fence. You may need 240' of fence. In a hurry you might guess that 240 divided by 8 would equal 30 sections. But that's not quite true.

Let's draw the 240' fence out on paper. Let's assume we have 4 sides. The 4 sides measure as follows: 67, 50, 73, 50.

67 divided by 8 equals 8.375 or 9 sections (we can't build a partial section - so we would build 9 sections each 7.44' long).

50 divided by 8 equals 6.25 which would actully be 7 sections each 7.14' long.

73 divided by 8 equals 9.125 or 10 sections each 7.3' long.

and then we have another...

50 divided by 8 equals 6.25 which would actully be 7 sections each 7.14' long.

So when we orignally thought we had 30 sections of fence, we actually have 33 sections.

Now that we know how many sections of fence we're building, we need to determine how long it will take. We can predict this pretty quickly, but we also consider the variables of your yard (landscaping, grade, location, ability to park nearby, etc)

Hopefully this article helps to understand how fence should not be sold by the foot. It doesn't make sense and leaves usually leaves for an unbalanced formulation for the price of your new fence.

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