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If you live in Medina Tennessee and you are looking for a fencing contractor who is dedicated to using quality products and expert installation techniques. If you want to improve the privacy of your home, or if you need extra security for your business, Jackson Fence Company can help!

Medina Tennessee Fence Company

A quality fence is a great way to accomplish both. If you want to add privacy to your new dream home, a white vinyl fence could be a perfect choice, or you may prefer a natural wooden privacy fence to go around your backyard. An aluminum fence can add a stunning presence for your business if you need to impress a potential client, or you may want to enhance security on your commercial property with a chain link fence or ornamental iron fence.

We're Here For All Your Medina Fencing Needs

There's no better time to plan a new fence for your home or business! Installing an attractive and well-built fence is one of the most cost-effective and satisfying home improvement projects you can invest in. The professional staff at Jackson Fence Company is ready to help you discover the perfect Medina fence solution.

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Nobody knows fences like we do! When you have questions or need information about the fence you're designing, let our team of professionals help you out. We know the Medina Tennessee area and can help find the right answers for you!

5 Types of Fences to Install in Medina Tennessee

Homeowners, business owners, and property managers in Medina Tennessee can weigh the pros and cons of five fencing materials to design the perfect fence. Browse options, including ornamental steel fences, aluminum fences, wood fences, vinyl fences, and chain link fences. At Jackson Fence Company, we have 7 years of professional fencing experience, so we can help you to choose and install the best fence according to your particular needs.

Medina TN Aluminum Fences

Medina Tennessee Aluminum Fences

Another beautiful choice if you're shopping for a heavy metal fence is aluminum fencing. Aluminum fences are a popular choice in Medina Tennessee. Aluminum fences are strong and resilient, just like ornamental steel fencing, but they are typically less expensive to install. Our aluminum fences can be designed for any type of property and accommodate a number of customizations. You could opt for a scan-in entry system, key access entry, magnetic gate, automatically closing hinges, plus a range of decorative post caps or finials.

Medina TN Chain Link Fences

Medina Tennessee Chain Link Fences

Budget-friendly and highly effective, chain link fences are a top choice in Medina Tennessee. Galvanized or aluminized chain link fences are a basic variety, but our black PVC-coated chain link fences are becoming very popular in our area. We install chain link fences on residential and commercial properties. You can upgrade to increase security and style. For privacy, our installers can weave vinyl slats into your chain link fence. Heavier gauges or lightweight wire mesh allow the customer flexibility in price and function.

Medina TN Vinyl Fences

Medina Tennessee Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is a great option for various types of commercial and residential properties in Medina because vinyl fences are durable and versatile. There is virtually no maintenance required to care for your vinyl fence, and it will look new for many years to come. Cleaning is easy if the white or tan vinyl surfacing accumulates dust or grime - just spray it with a garden hose to restore its original luster. Vinyl fencing is weather resistant and not prone to damage from pests or mold. Shop a broad range of functional vinyl fencing styles.

Medina TN Wood Fences

Medina Tennessee Wood Fences

At Jackson Fence Company, wood fences are still the number one most requested type of fence that we install. Homeowners love our highly customizable options, allowing wood fencing to compliment any property very nicely. We highly recommend using cedar over pressure-treated pine because it looks cleaner, lasts longer, and provides a stronger, more secure fence. Whether you choose a stockade style for privacy, a picket fence for decoration, or puppy panels to prevent small pets from escaping through gaps, a high-quality wood fence may be what your property needs!

Medina TN Ornamental Fences

Medina Tennessee Ornamental Steel Fences

There's nothing classier than a strong, ornamental steel fence to line the perimeter of your property. Ornamental steel fences are a sophisticated choice for your Medina home or business. This strong and resilient fencing material is made to withstand the harshest types of weather and will look brand new for decades without any repairs or maintenance needed. Heavy metal fences like ornamental steel fences are usually more expensive, but Jackson Fence Company provides local customers with financing solutions if needed.

Medina Tennessee residential and commercial fencing

How Are You Using Your Fence?

We have great fencing solutions for homeowners and business owners in Medina Tennessee. Select which of our fencing options is right for you.

Medina Tennessee Residential Fences

Our residential fences are beautiful and meet all the strict Medina and regional codes as well as HOA fence codes for sturdiness and beauty. The durability and quality of our fences is demonstrated by our lifetime warranty.

Medina Residential Fencing

Medina Tennessee Commercial Fences

Commercial fences are great for added security and beauty, We have an outstanding warranty and our products meet all Medina codes and regulations.

Medina Commercial Fencing

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Chat with our friendly, expert team members about ideas for your fence project and get your questions answered as well! We are here to help you find the perfect fence for your property!

Classic and Timeless Medina Tennessee Wood Fence Styles

In Medina TN, wood fences are synonymous with timeless beauty and practicality. The natural elegance they offer can transform any property, making it both inviting and private. With a wide variety of styles available from Jackson Fence Company, residents can choose a design that best reflects their style.

Medina TN Shadowbox style wood fence

Shadowbox Wood Fences

A design that boasts appeal from every angle, the wood shadowbox fence is truly versatile. Alternating boards are fixed on either side of the rail, creating a pattern that's attractive on both the inside and outside. This feature sets the shadowbox fence apart, offering homeowners a style that is both practical and visually appealing.

Medina TN stockade style wood fence

Stockade Wood Fences

Traditional and attractive, the wood stockade fence is straightforward and sturdy. Wood boards placed tightly against each other form a solid panel. This ensures maximum privacy, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create a serene backyard oasis or a secluded front yard.

Medina TN cap and trim style wood fence

Cap & Trim Wood Fences

A cap and trim top for your fence creates a captivating visual impact and is the perfect finishing touch for your custom wood fence, ensuring a truly polished and refined appearance. Appropriate for a variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, custom cap and trim fence enhances any property it is added to.

Medina TN horizontal style wood fence

Horizontal Wood Fences

As architectural preferences have shifted towards modern designs, the horizontal wood fence has emerged as a contemporary favorite. Instead of traditional vertical pickets, boards run horizontally, offering a fresh twist on the classic wood fence. This style pairs exceptionally well with modern-style homes, adding a touch of sleek sophistication.

3 Easy Steps to Buying a Fence in Medina Tennessee

We have made the process of buying a fence easy for Medina residents. Installing fences since 2016, the Jackson Fence Company team is ready to help you. Shop our vast selection of fencing options and styles. Give us a call and let's get started on your fence building project together!

Buying a Medina fence - Step 1

Our Selection of Fences

Shop for residential and commercial fences in Medina Tennessee and consider all of your local fencing options. We carry only high-quality fencing that will withstand the demands of Medina TN weather and climate.

You can also visit us at Jackson Fence Company in Medina TN or arrange for an at-home consultation. We are fully committed to making your fence building experience simple and hassle-free, from beginning to end!

Buying a Medina fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

Select fencing materials and grades and customize your design with help from Jackson Fence Company. We have many great fencing options to choose from, according to your budget and the functional needs for your fence.

Our expert fencing consultants can help guide you to choose a strong and durable fence that fits the needs of your project!

Buying a Medina fence - Step 3

By The Professionals

Jackson Fence Company is your solution for aluminum fences, chain link fences, ornamental steel fences, vinyl fences and wood fences for both residential and commercial properties.

Our experience and industry knowledge equip our fence technicians with everything needed to install fences in a wide range of applications, from homes to schools and everything in between.

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When you have questions, our team of experts at Jackson Fence Company are glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect with us right away.

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We believe that our reputation is far more valuable than any profit we could make, so if you're not happy, we will make it right!

The Jackson Fence Company Difference in Medina Tennessee Fence Installations

When you need residential or commercial fencing service in the Medina area, Jackson Fence Company is the best choice for all your fence needs! We only work with top-quality materials in wood fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, ornamental iron fencing, and aluminum fencing. In addition, our installation services are second to none!

Our installation teams are highly trained fence pros who follow the highest standards in the industry and take pride in every job we do. As members of the American Fence Association, we recognize the importance of professional practices and staying up to date on the latest industry techniques and resources. When you work with Jackson Fence Company, you'll see the difference right away.

Fence Installation
in Medina Tennessee

We install the best fences for all situations in Medina Tennessee.

Medina Tennessee professional Fence Installation

Medina TennesseeProfessional Fence Installation

We can handle the whole thing! If you would like our team of fencing experts to install a fence at your Medina property, no problem, we have installed both residential fences and commercial fences in Medina.

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Medina Fence FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions about fences in Medina Tennessee.

Jackson Fence Company has been installing fences in Medina Tennessee since 2016. Almost immediately, we established ourselves as one of the top fence companies in the Medina area - through our dedication and commitment to quality workmanship and customer service.

Yes. We are a 100% fully licensed and insured fencing company operating in the entire region surrounding Medina Tennessee. Unfortunately, there are several local companies selling fencing and fence installation services in Medina that are not licensed or insured.

Be careful not to choose one of these companies! Their lack of professionalism is already apparent before they dig their first hole!

Yes. We provide a workmanship warranty on all the fences we install in Medina Tennessee. This protects you against improper installation. Each of the different fence types have their own manufacturer's warranty that may also apply. Talk to us about the specifics of your fence warranty once you have selected the style and type of fencing you wish to have installed.

Medina residents actually use all types of fences for their homes and businesses. Generally speaking, wood fences seem to be the favorite in Medina, especially for residential fences.

The best fence is the one which meets your needs the best. Our Medina fence experts will happily come to your home or business to help you plan your project and to give you a free estimate and expert consultation.

We only sell and install fences made from high quality materials. Each of our fences handle the Medina Tennessee weather just fine.

Believe it or not, there may be specific issues that your property has that would make one type of fence a better option than others. One of our fence experts will need to inspect your property to give you our expert advice.

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Check out some of our recent fencing projects in Medina Tennessee. We have others! If there is a specific style fence you are looking for in Medina, simply contact us and we'll send you plenty of awesome fence photos and examples!

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